The play-ins of the Worlds Championship 2022 have been concluded, and with the 4 teams that qualified for the upcoming Group Stage, all 16 teams have been finalized. With each part of the tournament taking place in a different city, and additionally it will be the first Worlds to have a full in-person audience capacity at every stage of the competition since the tour of Europe 2019, it is bound to be a one of a kind tournament with stakes high as ever.

For the tournament, we have prepared two different objectives for each day of the event. If certain conditions are met, the rewards will be paid out for every user that has placed an eligible bet for the game.

All you have to do is place a single pre-match bet on the 'Winner 2-Way' market in the game that is being currently promoted , and if the objective gets completed, an extra prize will be credited to your account.

The list with a set of objectives for the rewards to be paid out is going to be updated down below every day after all the games are already concluded.

Playoffs - Finals

Remember! You have to win your bet!

- [DRX bettors]
$30 - Zeka to become MVP of the event
$20 - Pyosik to get at least 13 kills participation in one game
$15 - Deft to get more kills than Gumayusi in at least 2 games

- [T1 bettors]
$40 - Faker to become MVP of the event
$30 - Gumayushi to become MVP of the event
$20 - Gumayusi to have more kills than Deft in all T1 victory games
$15 - Zeus not to die 6 times in first 2 games

How to participate:

Place a single bet on a promoted game of the Worlds Championship 2022 before the game goes live.

The "Winner 2-Way" market is the only eligible one.

If the requirements are met for the promotion, the user will receive an additional reward.

Date of the promotion:  07.10.22 - 05.11.22

Terms and Conditions:

  • Users are not limited by the number of bets they can place during the promotion, but the reward may be paid out only once per game for the highest placed bet.
  • Only pre-match bets are valid for the promotion.
  • Combo bets do not qualify for the promotion.
  • Minimum stake: $10
  • Maximum stake: $100
  • Players can place any bets during the games being live, but they will not count towards the promotion.
  • Cashed out or voided bets are not eligible for the promotion.
  • Any attempt to fraud the promotion by abusing betting markets will result in disqualification.
  • Any 500 Casino user that is registered with a confirmed email & isn’t banned from our promotional campaigns is eligible. 500 Casino reserves the right to void the eligibility & permanently restrict any participating customer in case of promotional abuse or any other type of abuse specified in 500 Casino main TOS from all our promotions.

    Old objectives:

    Groups - Day 3
    - Double payout on Fnatic vs EDG if your team wins while having obtained Dragon Soul
    - $50 if your chosen team comes back and wins from 6.000 gold deficit

    Groups - Day 4
    - Double winnings on JDG vs G2 if your team wins
    - Double winnings on Rogue vs TES if at least one player in your team finishes the game without death

    Groups - Day 5
    - Double winnings on all that day's matches (including tiebreaker) of a team that finishes 1st in group
    - Buff to next day's Europan objectives if C9 goes 0-3 (double the usual rewards)

    Forgot to copy Day 6

    Groups - Day 7
    - Double winnings on Rogue vs DRX if you win your bet
    - Double winnings on Rogue vs TES if:
    (You bet Rogue) Rogue is already 1st in group or going to be 1st after a win
    (You bet TES) TES ends up qualifying

    Groups - Day 8
    - Double winnings on all tonight's RNG games if they end up finishing 6-0
    - $25 for each time Chovy goes on a 5-kill killing spree - 5 kills without a death
    (you can bet on either team in Gen.G matches)