Nothing feels grander than stepping into a casino to be treated like royalty. Exclusives, bonuses, hidden access, the list goes on.

In comparison to the standard brick-and-mortar casinos, online counterparts offer a more wholesome experience. You could be anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, the membership is tied to your account so long as it's active.

On 500, our prestigious VIP Memberships are no different. Comprising 9 tiers; Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Pearl, Obsidian and Opal; each comes with various perks tailored to our most valuable players, elevating their betting experiences to the next level.

Upon reaching Level 500, a VIP’s name changes in color while sporting an emblem assigned to his membership’s tier.

So why should you join the family?

Promotional Bonuses

Just like how people roll out the red carpet for celebrities, we welcome our new VIPs to kick start their journey with a one-time welcome bonus. All you have to do is to reply to our Support message and it’s time to get the ball rolling! You worked your way for it so why not start reaping the fruits of your labor.

Upon leveling to the next tier, such as from Silver to Gold, the base amount increases and it's also subject to your recent activity. The more you played, the more the one-time bonus is.

Free Withdraws

Fees are a drag. Especially with the rising price of cryptocurrencies, a single withdrawal could set you back over $10 in fees that is enough to cover the average cost of a meal or two. Now imagine repeating that multiple times a day and you could have treated yourself to a mouth-watering steak dinner. Being a VIP however, you can leave those fees* to us.

*Subject to the number of free withdraws as per daily limit.

A BTC Withdraw can set you back ~$13 today


Isn’t it nice to earn back a portion of your spendings that are not in some form of worthless points? Every time you place a bet on a round, a certain percentage* of it returns to you in the form of a bonus that is claimable from the Rewards page, regardless if the outcome is a loss or a victory.

The rakeback percentage increases the higher your VIP tier is.

*Subject to the house edge of the games played.

VIP Rewards can be claimed from your "Rewards" tab

More Raffle Tickets

During major giveaway events such as Christmas or Easter, all VIPs enjoy a head start by claiming additional tickets before the other players do. And once they level up their tier, they receive extra. As obvious as it sounds, more entries equal higher chances of winning.

More tickets, more chances of winning

Special Chat Privileges

Whenever you simply want to unwind with the rest of the family, the VIP Chat is reserved for you to discuss anything* under the sun, from your recent vacation in the Bahamas to your shiny golden Lamborghini customized by your favorite car dealer. From time to time, admins hold chat trivia with larger BUX rewards on that channel as well.

The VIP chat is accessible from the dropdown list

Furthermore, everyone will know you're special. Your VIP badge and name color will be shown in chat messages and betting lists.

*Standard chat rules still apply.

Weekly Reloads (Gold-tier onwards)

Keep the winning spirit with weekly reloads* credited to your account balance on Friday evenings, depending on your weekly activity. It doesn’t get any better to end the week just knowing you have some extra BUX to play with, whilst sipping a cocktail.

*Weekly reload increases the higher your VIP tier is and is also subject to your betting activity in that week. The more you play, the bigger the Reload bonus is.

VIP Host and Discord access (Sapphire-tier onwards)

Gain access to our dedicated VIP Channel on Discord. Our assigned VIP hosts are properly trained and equipped with vast industrial knowledge to assist in every aspect of your account as well as your well-being. Wherever you are, we are at your service.

Our Support is lightning fast and 24/7 nowadays, so if you run into problems you can always start a conversation and we'll help you out, even if it's the middle of the night.

The Discord channel is a friendly place where we also give out special promotions, free spins and whatever other VIP related bonuses our VIP hosts have in mind.

Lossback (Sapphire-tier onwards)

The feeling of wagering on the wrong color, multiplier or team is pretty awful and to make things worse, the all-in was your final sliver of hope. Fortunately, all of that changes with Lossback. If you experience a loss, a certain percentage of your deposits return to you in the form of a bonus* on Friday evenings. Now losing doesn’t seem to sound so bad after all.

*The Lossback percentage increases the higher your VIP tier is.

Preferential Limits (Emerald-tier onwards)

Have you ever wished to bypass the daily withdraw limitations because time is money? Or perhaps the burning desires to raise the stakes that you were not able to pull off elsewhere have been causing sleepless nights? Set all those frustrations aside, we are here to accommodate your requests. As the saying goes, “Go big or go home”.  YOLO.

If you need anything specific, just let us know and we'll accommodate you.

Final Words

If you are reading this without a VIP membership, don’t feel bad. On 500, everyone can have easy access to bonuses, with our voucher campaigns, generous giveaways, chat trivias, massive trains and awesome events. Heck, you might be hard pressed to find such unparalleled services elsewhere.

The good news however, it’s never too late to become one.

Thanks for playing,