Over the past few months, you've seen more and more references to 500PLAY, and we wanted to clarify what this means and what our plans are in the near future.

500PLAY is CSGO500, but better

Back in 2016 when we launched, it was the era of CSGO Gambling websites so we attached a CSGO-like name to our 500 brand and we stuck with it for 5 years.

However, the brand of CSGO500 was slowly becoming a limit for us, because we were evolving. Even though our current user base is already loyal to us, we would often be seen only as "that CSGO Wheel of Fortune site" instead of the crypto-friendly Sportsbook & Casino that we are.

The second factor for this decision was the fact that over the years we were stacking up new features and new development plans onto our legacy architecture and the website was less and less optimized as we added things to it. The mobile experience was bad and there were a lot of resources being wasted.

About a year ago, we decided it was time to rebuild the whole 500 experience so the development team has done a lot of work behind the scenes for pretty much all of the available services, from something as simple as optimizing the Train to something more complicated like how the chat servers connect to each other. The final step for that process was the user-facing part of our website. We expect this process to last a couple more months before we'll be able to present the new face of 500 and this would be the best moment to proceed with our rebranding plans.

What changes with "500PLAY"?

Essentially nothing. CSGO500.com and all of our other domains will be functioning as always. If you are used to accessing 500 via CSGO500.com, you can continue to do so with no restrictions.

  • Our official brand name will switch from "CSGO500" to "500"/"500PLAY";
  • Our official domain will switch from csgo500.com to 500play.com;
  • Our social media accounts and contact e-mail addresses will adapt to reflect these new changes;

Our visual identity will remain the same and the new website will continue to have the same familiar feeling of dark colors with red elements you've gotten used to all these years.

We hope to be able to present the new face of 500 in the upcoming months. In the meanwhile, we're working very hard to provide a fully optimized cross-platform experience for everyone. I will be revealing bits and pieces on Twitter from time to time as we are getting closer to our goal.

PS: 500PLAY.com is fully functional as an alias of CSGO500.com and you can freely use it if you like.

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me on Twitter.