It's starting to become a cliché at this point, but the Easter 2021 event was the biggest event that we hosted so far and the feedback from the community was overwhelmingly positive.

Of course, there are users who feel we let them down and users that are unhappy with the way things played out, but the vast majority of our players were able to get a good payout.

April was a month of huge rewards for 500. We went "trigger happy", clicked a few buttons and threw back as much as we could afford to our players:

  • We increased Leaderboard rewards by 5x
  • We increased VIP rewards (rakeback, one-time bonuses and weekly reloads) by improving the formula behind it all
  • We almost doubled the Scavenger Hunt voucher pool, increasing it from the planned 300 MILLION BUX to over 500 MILLION BUX.
  • At the end of the event, we allowed users to exchange their raffle tickets for BUX, rewarding players with another 50 MILLION BUX.

We broke a lot of records this month and we're happy that we did.

In the day of the Scavenger Hunt, over 3.000.000 eggs were found and opened by our users and almost 7.000.000 tickets were generated during our whole raffle event.

We had over 6000 live viewers on Twitch when picking out the winners and we managed to gather almost 14.000 users in the same time hunting for eggs and vouchers. The amount of traffic, unique visits and bandwidth on April 24th was tremendous.

All rewards back-to-back for April and our event added up to an estimate of 1 BILLION BUX.

We expected our idea to be popular and we prepared for it all, but the results exceeded our expectations by a lot. We learned a lot from this experience and we will use this knowledge to make our next events better. For now, we will take a step back, reflect on these findings and work on our remaining plans for 2021.

In the meantime, thank you all for being a part of our awesome community and thanks for playing.