First of all; We are overwhelmed by the creativity, dedication & fantasy of our community. We were actually so fascinated, that we decided to give prizes to more than just three (3) winners.

Even if your entry didn't make it into the final ones; Please don't be sad. We looked at every single entry and had a blessing seeing them and reading the stories of your thought process(es) regarding your artworks. Afterall, the decision was as tough as it can be. We especially valued creativity and the work you put into your art.
With that being said, here are the winners:

1st: CK 🏆 (1500$)
2nd: AGoodPigeon 🥈 (1000$)
3rd: darkelf11 🥉 (500$)
Honorable Mentions: Daniel, ⚔ knr zenitsu ⚔ ♥, young szn, ЖОРА_CSGO500, kratsayra 🏅(100$ each)

You can check out the winners artworks in chronological order (left to right/top to bottom) below:

We provide you with all the other entries via the Imgur link below. This way, you can check out the entries from our other users, since they deserve the attention for their great creativity and fun art as well:

CSGO500 Art Contest Entries

Thanks a lot to everyone who participated. It was our first art contest and we would love to do this type of contests again in the future! ❤️