Over the years, we've carefully analyzed our Rewards and we knew there'd be a time when the current system wouldn't make sense anymore. That time is now.

There were two main problems with the old rewards:

  • Endless farming
    ‌‌Hundreds of users would create bots and scripts just to farm small amounts from the Train 24/7. The results weren't significant for just one account, but if you would do it on hundreds or thousands of accounts, month after month, you can see how things add up.
  • Lack of predictability
    ‌‌The fact that users would level up and would be able to claim a set daily reward every day until the end of time could be insignificant in smaller numbers, but once 500 Casino grew, we needed some predictability in the way our users are claiming rewards

Starting today, the Train, Free Spins and old Daily Rewards are being removed and we're pivoting our rewards concept to something more rewarding for our active players. If you're an active player, the rewards are better and more transparent than they used to be.

Rakeback Rewards from Level 0 and Level Up Rewards
‌‌Users are now able to accumulate Rakeback even from their first bets. The Rakeback amount increases every 100 levels and it gets even bigger once you become a VIP.‌‌‌‌ The Rakeback is dependent on the house edge and RTP of the games you play. High house edge games generate more Rakeback.

Additionally, every time you Level Up, there's a fixed Reward automatically being awarded to you in the same Rakeback balance. The value is ~4 times higher than the daily reward you used to receive. This is like claiming 4 daily rewards in advance.

XP Rewards‌‌
Instead of the old Daily Reward, you can claim an XP Reward, twice per day on a set timer. The XP Reward is based on your previous 7-days earned XP before the moment of the claim. The more XP you earn, the bigger this reward will be.

Keep in mind:

  • any bet you place TODAY will continue to affect the XP reward for 7 days in the future.
  • the XP Reward being claimed TODAY is affected by bets you have placed within the past week.

More predictable VIP Rewards
‌‌VIPs get a multitude of rewards. Lossbacks, Weekly Reloads, one time bonuses, birthday bonuses, occasional rewards and more. Now, these have been separated into their own section so things would be more transparent.‌‌

How are rewards calculated?
‌‌Even though the formulas are kept secret, there are a couple obvious things:

  • The more XP you earn, the bigger your rewards will be. More XP generates more Rakeback and leads to levelling up, which in turns generates higher XP and Rakeback rewards.
  • The types of games you play, matters. High RTP games generate less rewards. Low house edge games generate less rewards as well.
  • The way you play the games, matters. If you find that 99.5% winrate game, or if you bet on all colors on the Wheel, there would be a penalty applied to the rewards.
  • Whether you're in profit or not, matters. The rewards account for being in the negative and you can accumulate Lossback.

What about non-active players?
Keep in mind that we still have a lot of free rewards and giveaways on Social media. Furthermore, we will still keep hosting Giveaways, Scavenger Hunts, Raffles and we'll still be posting hidden vouchers whenever we get the chance.

We prefer not to disclose the EXACT formulas behind these bonuses because we feel like it creates false expectations and leads to strange and entitled conversations with me and the Support staff.

Please accept these rewards as they are given and know that we'll always do our best in seeing the bigger picture and adjusting things as we grow.

Thank you for playing,