With all the NBA teams finalized after an intense regular season and Play-In phase, the road to determining the Championship winner does not seem easy to predict. With multiple teams having a real chance to clinch the spot in the Finals, there does not seem like there is a clear favourite.

Starting things off as a bonus promotion, besides a separate promotion for each stage, for every single game, if a team you have placed a bet on wins their game by at least 25 points, double winnings will be awarded to the user as a Free Bet.

For the 1/8 finals, if the series ends with a 4-0 score, double winnings will be credited for every game that the user placed a bet on that team during their run. If the series ends 4-1, 50% will be added to the winnings, with the same rules applied. On the other hand, a 100% amount of the bet will be refunded if a team you placed a bet on goes on to lose 0-4, and 50% will be refunded if the series ends 1-4.

During the quarterfinals, every time the series goes to Game 6 and you bet on that game, 50% of the winnings will be added to the account, just by simply betting on the game winner, and if Game 7 happens, double winnings will be awarded with no strings attached besides winning the bet.

In the semi-finals, if one of the players from the team you place a bet on, scores at least 35 points, 50% will be added to the winnings, and if one of the players scores at least 40 points during the game, double winnings will be awarded.

For the final, a double payout has been prepared for every game that the user places a bet on, but the main star of the team (Jokić vs. Butler) gets a Double Double and the team ends up winning the Championship.

How to participate:

Place a pre-match single bet on any of the NBA playoffs games.

Only Winner (incl. overtime) markets are valid for any of the promotions.

If the requirements are met for the promotion, the user will receive additional payout depending on the qualified bet, or will have his bet refunded.

Date of the promotion: 15.04.2023 19:00 CET - 09.06.2023 or until the final game.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Users are not limited by the number of bets they can place during the promotion, but the reward may be paid out only once per game for the highest placed bet.
  • Only pre-match bets on the NBA playoffs are valid for the promotion.
  • Combo bets do not qualify for the promotion.
  • Minimum stake: $10
  • Maximum stake: $150
  • Players can place any bets during the games being live, but they will not count towards the promotion.
  • Cashed out or voided bets are not eligible for the promotion.
  • Any attempt to fraud the promotion by abusing and hedging betting markets will result in disqualification and getting excluded from future promotions. Severe cases of the abuse will lead to seizure of assets.
  • User's account has to be in a good standing
  • Any 500 Casino user that is registered with a confirmed email & isn’t banned from our promotional campaigns is eligible. 500 Casino reserves the right to void the eligibility & permanently restrict any participating customer in case of promotional abuse or any other type of abuse specified in 500 Casino main TOS from all our promotions.