The score is now tied. The fated penalty kick right before the end of the second half is all it takes to either make it or break it. Inside of your room, huddled right infront of the screen, you silently root for your preferred team while a player from it steps forward to take a shot at the opponent’s goalkeeper. It’s now or never. Your heart starts beating faster and faster as the ball curves towards the goal and...

*The crowd immediately erupts into a cheer*


You throw your fist into the air, do a celebratory dance and finally breathe a sign of relief right as your team emerges victorious.

Unlike our typical Wheel, Roulette, Duels or any other game mode that are more simplistic in design, match betting isn’t just about putting your money on a single team, but strategizing to fully maximize the earning potentials through multiple bet placements simultaneously.

With titles such as CSGO and Valorant thriving in the eSports scene, we cater various tiered games and the teams for your picking pleasure. Never miss out on utilizing those juicy prediction tips to your advantage, we got you covered as long as the bets are still open.


Every match is categorized by its tier, with S offering the highest winning payout or winning limit, followed by A, B, C and D. Basically speaking, a Tier S match permits up to 5,000,000 BUX in payout compared to a Tier C match which is limited up to 500,000 BUX.

Example: You want to wager on MiBR on a Tier S match at the odds of 1.75. Since the max win limit is 5,000,000 BUX, you could only place ~2,857,142 BUX on this match.

Newer accounts may be subjected to lower limits until their betting history has been analyzed and are not suspected of any manipulation.

Match betting typically comes in two flavors; fixed odds and parimutuel. On 500, we operate on fixed odds such that once bets are placed, they remain fixed, rather than adjusting the odds until the betting market is closed. We choose the former in order to provide players more favorable return odds.

Example: You wager 10,000 BUX on Team Navi at the odds of 1.15. Should the team win after the match, you get credited with 11,150 BUX as agreed upon earlier.

A full match may be broken down into several games if supported. For instance, the standard CSGO match is split into three games, or the best of 3 in a playoff. In other words, a team has to win 2 out of 3 games to secure a win.

Players are free to place bets on a single team or multiple teams.


If you are feeling confident, placing a single bet linking at least two different matches or not within a match itself constitutes a combo bet. While the return odds are much higher than single bet, this requires all matches’ conditions to be fulfilled, or the bet is lost.

Example: You wager 100,000 BUX on Team Liquid + 100 Thieves as a combo bet.

Combo odds are stacked multiplicatively. If your Team Liquid bet would be at 2.35x odds and your 100 Thieves bet would be at 2.81x, your combo total would be 6.60x instead of 5.16x, therefore your total win would be 516,000 BUX.

Also called Asian handicap betting, this type helps a less advantageous team to stand a better chance of “winning” by assigning it a head start in rational or whole numbers (-1, +0.5 or +1.5 for instance). When such bet is placed, the handicapped team is assigned a positive handicap (+1) while the opponent is given a negative handicap (-1).

Example: In a match between Team Astralis and Tyloo, you place a +2.5 handicap bet on Tyloo since Tyloo (+2.5) is considered as an underdog, or a candidate likely to lose against Astralis (-2.5). The match concludes with Astralis winning 16 - 14. However after factoring in the handicap applied earlier, Tyloo wins 16.5 (14 + 2.5) or alternatively, Astralis loses 13.5 (16 - 2.5).

A bet becomes void when the outcome is unable to play out or happen due to technical difficulties or a change of events. As a result, it is refunded to the player.

Example: You place a bet on a team, but the game was cancelled due to various reasons.

A match might be available in three outcomes; win, lose and tie, all which are mutually exclusive.

The over/ under 2.5 betting is common especially in the CSGO scene which aligns to the number of maps scored or matches won. Over 2.5 applies when a team wins a minimum of three matches/ maps, while under 2.5 is for two matches/ maps or lesser.

Example: In a Best of Three playoff, Team G2 wins the first map (Inferno), loses the second map (Train) and wins the third map (Nuke). Regardless of the team results, players betting on over 2.5 would win as the match has extended beyond two maps.

Contrary to popular belief, certain matches are still open to betting with an additional “LIVE BETTING” right below their “LIVE” status even when teams are already playing. Take note that in this situation, the odds tend to change until you have placed a bet, which they are then fixed for you.

Example: The odds for Evil Geniuses and The Cut are at 0.95 and 12.5 respectively in an upcoming DOTA 2 match. Once the game progresses, EG is seen securing more lanes on the map. Hence, the odds are further reduced to 0.75 as the team is deemed more likely to win.


After reading this guide, we hope the betting terms do not sound too intimidating anymore with the above examples provided. Soon enough, you will master the art of match betting and make the most out of your wagers.

Be aware that all bets give out a 50% XP increase. Matches are usually drafted instantly, but it can also take several hours under certain circumstances. In the event of a postponement or forfeiture, we reserve the rights to either refund or draft a match.

For more questions on match betting, you can read about how our match betting works.

Thanks for playing,