Magic Piggy is one of Hacksaw's latest releases, and we want to celebrate that by a back-to-back Slot Challenge. $5000 split among 20 players. Make sure to check the Bloodthirst Challenge while it's still active! ๐Ÿง›
Check details below โฌ‡๏ธ


  • Get a 20x multiplier or higher on Magic Piggy by Hacksaw Gaming.
  • Challenge is active between 16th March 00:00 GMT - ย 31st March 23:59 GMT.

Qualifying Game


  • Minimum Bet: 0.1$
  • Players are required to send proof of their winnings to our support. โ€Œ
    โ€ŒEither by sending it to or by reaching out to us via our live chat on 500 Casino.

Prize Poolโ€Œ
โ€ŒThe twenty (20) players with the highest multiplier during the challenge period will share a prize pool of 5,000$.

Prize Pool Distributionโ€Œ
โ€Œ1st place: 1000$โ€Œ
โ€Œ2nd place: 750$โ€Œ
โ€Œ3rd place: 550$โ€Œ
โ€Œ4th - 5th place: 350$ eachโ€Œ
โ€Œ6th - 10th place: 200$ eachโ€Œ
โ€Œ11th - 20th place: 100$ each

โ€Œ!!How to check your multipliers!!โ€Œ
โ€ŒThere are two ways to get the proof for your Slot Challenge-Entry:โ€Œ
โ€Œ1) Visit your profile page -> Scroll down -> Betting History -> Casino. Please make sure to make a screenshot where the time & date, bet & win amount and Slot name is visibleโ€Œ
โ€Œ2) In the Game itself: Most Slots offer their own betting history for the player. Hacksaw Gaming has a button for their Game History within each Slot.โ€Œ

โ€ŒTerms of Conditions

  • All bets have to be placed on third party slots on 500 Casino.
  • Bonus Buys are allowed.
  • Winners get credited up to 72 hours after the Challenge ended.
  • Spins or bonus buys from bonus balance will not be taken into account for the challenge.
  • Prize money will be given out as on-site balance (BUX).
  • If two or more players are tied, those who got the multiplier earlier are the ones who get better prizes.
  • Multipliers have to be submitted during the Challenge period.
  • The prizes will be paid to accounts on which the winning bet was made.
  • Player must be in a good standing with 500 Casino to claim his prize.
  • Only real money rounds can participate.
  • Rules of this challenge can be changed anytime.
  • Malfunction voids all payouts.

May the best multiplier win! โœŒ