If you're a regular user of CSGO500, you probably noticed that with the addition of Casino games and our regular community events, the popularity of our website has spiked significantly.

This is definitely a good thing and the whole team has been working hard to provide everyone with a great service.

When we introduced Leaderboards a year ago, things were quite different and 1M BUX for the grand prize was a significant percentage of what the winner would have wagered in the whole month.

Today, we feel like it's time to take a different approach:

  • Rankings will work based on earned XP instead of wagered amounts
    This will serve as a deterrent for users that are farming rewards and just care about leveling up and it will reward users that play the games as they're meant to be played.
  • TOP20 placements will be designated winners instead of the TOP10 Over time, we kept seeing some friendly faces that were just about to make the cut but didn't and we want to expand the winners pool to cover more spots.
  • The monthly prize pool increases from ~2M BUX to ~10M BUX
    We wanted to make rewards more significant so that it really feels you won something if you place in the top spots. Top XP earned will be granted 5M BUX instead of 1M BUX and all subsequent rewards are also increased.

We will be monitoring this change and how it impacts user behavior and as always we will tweak things over time if we see the need for it. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me on Twitter.

Thanks for playing,