The first LAN tournament for our CS:GO team will be the Elisa Masters in Espoo, Finland. A great challenge for us, to see how we can fare against some of the teams currently in form like FNATIC or Bad News Eagles. To celebrate our participation, in addition to a normal promotion for the tournament, we will pay out some additional rewards based on our performance.

For the Group Stage, a highest multiplier combo win competition awaits for our players. Top three players will earn a reward - for the winner we have prepared a $750 prize, second place will take home $500 and for the third place - $250. Depending on our performance in the group, for every win that our team gets, we will raise the prize pool by $100 for each of the three spots. If our team ends up winning 3 games in total, each place will get $300 more - $1050, $800 and $550 respectively.

All markets and games are available, so you are not limited to bet only on our team to have a shot at winning one of the rewards.

For the Playoffs stage, for every ace a team gets in a game where you have placed a bet on them, a 25% winning boost will be added to your winnings. Additionally, if our team qualifies for the playoffs, and then we get eliminated by one of the teams, a double winnings will be available on the team that has beaten us in their next game.

Combo bet winners from the groups:

1st - Combo ID - 63757841a9c9c35bbfcf4760 / User ID ending in 05695e9a

2nd - Combo ID - 6373b6ccb404891748464f16 / User ID ending in c5e9f5f5

3rd - Combo ID - 637362cdb404891748462cbc / User ID ending in b280bd69

How to participate:

Place a pre-match or live bet on one of the Elisa Masters games.

Any games and markets are eligible for the highest combo promotion, but starting with the playoffs, only the "Winner 2-Way" market on the series is the eligible one.

If the requirements are met for the promotion, a certain reward will be credited.

Date of the promotion:  16.11.22 - 20.11.22

Terms and Conditions:

  • Users are not limited by the number of bets they can place during the highest combo multiplier promotion, but only the highest bet counts towards the playoff promotion.
  • Both pre-match and live bets are valid for the combo promotion, and only pre-match bets are valid for playoffs promotion.
  • Minimum stake: $5
  • Maximum stake: No limit for the combo promotion, $125 for Playoffs stage.
  • Players can place any bets during the games being live, but they will not count towards the playoff promotion.
  • Cashed out or voided bets are not eligible for the promotion.
  • Any attempt to fraud the promotion by abusing betting markets will result in disqualification.
  • For the Playoffs winning boost, the cap is 125% (5 aces scored by your team).
  • Any 500 Casino user that is registered with a confirmed email & isn’t banned from our promotional campaigns is eligible. 500 Casino reserves the right to void the eligibility & permanently restrict any participating customer in case of promotional abuse or any other type of abuse specified in 500 Casino main TOS from all our promotions.