This would be our third Scavenger Hunt and every time we plan one we announce it as "our biggest event yet". This time is not different either, the total planned prize pool for the event is 300 MILLION BUX.

What is the Scavenger Hunt?

Basically, free BUX for everyone.

Specifically, users will compete in finding Easter eggs hidden in CSGO500's pages. Those eggs have a chance of dropping a voucher code, free spins, raffle tickets or a complementary joke.

Is there a voucher hidden in this post? Maybe...

When does it start?

We have planned the Scavenger Hunt to start on Saturday, April 24th at 12PM GMT. It will last for as long as it takes for all of the vouchers and rewards to be claimed.

From past experience, we estimate that the event will last 4-5 hours.

How can you be sure you're prepared?

There are two mandatory things to take care of prior to the event, to make sure you can participate.

  1. Make sure your account can claim rewards

The best way to check this is to claim your Daily Reward. If it doesn't work, contact Support ahead of time in order to get things sorted.

NOTE: Self-excluded users will not be eligible for rewards in the event. We don't modify user set self exclusions for any reason.

2.  Make sure you have at least one deposit

All you need is at least one deposit of any kind within the last 5 years.

How can you be sure we're prepared?

Our Christmas Scavenger Hunt was awesome. We set an all time record of 10.000+ users being on CSGO500 but it also left us with a lot to learn.

We've put a lot of time these past few months into optimizing our servers architecture, optimizing processes and stress testing to make sure things work as they should.

Additionally, we DOUBLED our support shifts for the day and all of our programmers and admins will be available to keep everything in check and fix any potential problems that might occur.

We'll be communicating  constantly throughout the event via Social Media, so make sure you are following us for updates.

The vouchers

Ahhhh, the moment you've all been waiting for.
These are the specifics we have planned right now, but we might change these along the way

  • 40 vouchers in total
  • Values between 500 BUX and 1.000.000 BUX
  • If you manage to claim all of the available vouchers, you will receive ~1.7M BUX  
  • Total prize pool is ~300 MILLION BUX

NOTE: Vouchers have claiming limits and various chances to drop. The more expensive vouchers drop less often, and the less expensive vouchers are more common. There is no guarantee you will be able to claim all of the available vouchers.

NOTE: Each available voucher will have a personalized variation for you. For example, if the base voucher is EASTER, it will be shown to you as EASTER12345, where 12345 are random numbers. EASTER12345 will only be claimable to YOUR account. This is put in place in order to prevent users from sharing vouchers with their friends so that only people who actually found the vouchers could claim them.

These being said, me and the team hope you will enjoy what we prepared for you so that we can plan many more events in the future.

If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to contact me on Twitter.