Counter Strike returns at the biggest stage after the player break! Twelve teams are back in Copenhagen, to play in the $177,500 Blast Premier Fall tournament. Six of them will qualify for the Finals in November, but with uncertainty of how the teams are going to perform with new lineups and after the break, it is going to be quite interesting to see top teams fight for their chance to come out on top.

For this tournament, we have prepared various objectives for each day of the event. One big and smaller objective awaits for our players per day, and if certain conditions are met, the rewards will be paid. For example, if a team you have placed a bet on, wins a game with everyone reaching positive KD, as per the requirement, a certain reward gets paid out in addition to your winnings. Some objectives got no conditions.

Simply place a single pre-match bet on the two-way winner market of the match and if the objective gets completed, an extra prize will be credited to your account.

The list with a set of objectives - one major and minor ones - for the rewards to be paid out is going to be updated down below every day roughly at 00:00 CEST.

Day 7

Major objective:

- Get extra $40 if you win a single, prematch bet on all 3 games (Three bets, one on each game)

Minor objectives(s):
Faze vs Astralis
- Get 50% insurance if your team threw an 8 round lead (can trigger on 2 maps, up to 100%)
- Get an extra $25 if we witness a memorable clutch from your team's player (At least 1v4, no eco kills, reviewed on Discord)

NiP vs Heroic
- Get $5 if your team wins their map pick.
- Get $10 if your team wins their opponent's map pick
- Get $25 if your team wins all pistols in the whole series

G2 vs Vitality
- Double winnings on G2 if Hooxi beats the fragscore from the previous time they've met with Vitality (21 frags in Bo3)
- Double winnings on Vitality if Spinx wrecks G2 again (At least top2 rating in the series - both teams count)

Remember to read the rules! You need to win your bet (except of insurance).

How to participate:

Place a single bet on a promoted game before the game goes live.

The "Winner 2-Way" market is the only eligible one.

If the requirements are met for the promotion, the user will receive an additional reward.

Date of the promotion:  19.08.22 - 28.08.22 - You can place your bets at any time when matches are available.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Users are not limited by the number of bets they can place during the promotion, but the reward may be paid out only once per game. The biggest eligible bet is the one that counts.
  • Only pre-match bets are valid for the promotion.
  • Combo bets do not qualify for the promotion.
  • Minimum stake: $5
  • Maximum stake: $100
  • Players can place any bets during the games being live, but they will not count towards the promotion.
  • Cashed out or voided bets are not eligible for the promotion.
  • Any attempt to fraud the promotion by abusing betting markets will result in disqualification.
  • Any 500 Casino user that is registered with a confirmed email & isn’t banned from our promotional campaigns is eligible. 500 Casino reserves the right to void the eligibility & permanently restrict any participating customer in case of promotional abuse or any other type of abuse specified in 500 Casino main TOS from all our promotions.