It's time to get your brushes out and paint some happy little trees, as Bob Ross would say. 🌳
For CSGO500's 5th anniversary, we thought we do something we haven't done before; Giving you a chance to express your inner artist by creating something special.

What are you talking about?
Simple: Create an original, CSGO500-themed artwork to celebrate 5 years of CSGO500. How you want to do it is completely up to you. Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint, wood carving or perhaps you're oldschool and like pen & paper?
It really doesn't matter. Be creative, be yourself, we don't like copycats.
Send your submission to (or use our live chat).

⭐ Prize Pool ⭐
1st Place: 1500$
2nd Place: 1000$
3rd Place: 500$

Terms and Conditions

  • The contest is active until May 21st, 23:59 GMT. Submissions after that won't be considered for the contest.
  • To respect the artists work and prevent theft, all entries will be checked for copyrighted or stolen material. If a user infringes copyright law(s) or steals artwork(s) from other users, CSGO500 reserves the right to disqualify said user. Please understand that we can't accept entries made by other users or third-parties, such as Fiverr.
  • The prize pool will get paid out in BUX on CSGO500.
  • The user has to be in a good standing with CSGO500 in order to receive his prize.
  • CSGO500 reserves the right to alter, change or cancel the event and its rules at any time.

    Happy drawing! 🎨
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