We launched in 2016 under the name 'CSGO500' with just one game called 'Wheel of Fortune', which is a favourite by our players until this day. Over the years, more games, features, deposit & withdraw options and much more have been added to the website. ‌‌In the process, everything became more complicated from a technical standpoint and we lost our simplicity and minimalism aspects that we've been known for. Each new feature meant an increase of information a player sees, which can be exceptionally overwhelming for new players.

In an effort to bring back the exact simplicity that we once embraced, and to evolve into an even more crypto-friendly Sportsbook & Casino, we started a rebranding process earlier this year.‌‌ Our name 'CSGO500' didn't fit the spirit of our website anymore, so we wanted to reflect our focus on cryptocurrency with a more broad name, while keeping our identity, by just being known as the '500' Casino.

The last step was a complete new, reimagined front-end version of the website. Everything had to be reworked; From the appearance of each and every game, to the user interface & how the players interact with the website itself. Let us take a look at what it means in detail:‌‌

  • Wheel of Fortune‌‌. It all started with this one game back in 2016, so we had to make sure that the old, familiar feeling won't go missing, in order to honor this unique game when we planned to redesign it. The result is a modern 'Wheel of Fortune' approach with special effects for specific rounds added, keeping its charm.‌‌
  • Roulette‌‌. A favourite by many users and most popular during the CS:GO gambling days. An improved autobet and a feature that lets you automatically repeat your last bet creates a nostalgic, yet advanced feeling for one of the most classic games.‌‌
  • Crash‌‌. For our Crash, we went with a complete new layout, making it stand-out from the plain, old design, which makes it pleasing to the eye with a manual or autobet feature. Travel with our '500'-Rocket to the highest multiplier possible and cashout at the right time before it crashes! No matter how you want to play this iconic game; You can play it your way!‌‌
  • Duels. ‌‌We revisioned our unique PVP-Duels game and added some ''quality-of-life'' improvements to it, such as a button that lets you show your own Duels first. Getting lost among hundreds of Duels is a thing of the past!‌‌
  • Casino‌‌. More information regarding your own placed bets & highest wins, most lucky wins from other players and much more is waiting for you on our redesigned Casino page. You can look forward to even more Challenges, special Events & Tournaments in the future! We are just getting started.‌‌


Our real sports betting will launch by the end of the year, expanding the sportsbook to the biggest variety of games, tournaments and matches possible across multiple sporting events worldwide. Bet on your favorite Football team, MMA fighter or Basketball player. With the help of hundreds of different markets, the best odds in the industry, an overall improved user interface for better navigation and insightful news across our social media channels, we make sure that sporting events will never get boring. Available soon™️.‌‌


A complete new, reworked mobile version is waiting for you. We made sure to leave no feature of the page untouched, and to provide a modern, fully responsive version of our website for our players. Navigate through everything with ease and full feedback, while saving the hardware resources of your phone. All games, rewards & contents of the website is in the palm of your hands, better than ever.‌‌


You now have the ability to watch your favorite sports game(s) in a minimized window, while playing at one of our original games or the Casino simultaneously. Move the window to your liking across the website and place it wherever it fits you. Furthermore, the complete website needs less hardware resources from your computer, ensuring that you can have multiple tabs open at once, play your favorite games while keeping the website open in the background. '500' has never been more satisfying to use.‌‌


A feature that has been requested by our community is a Vault; A safe place for our players to store their balance. BUX stored in the Vault are not available to play with until they've been transferred back into the main BUX balance. It's perfect to help you set your own limits.‌‌ In addition, you are able to display your BUX in multiple different currencies, including US-Dollar, Euro & Russian Ruble, so you don't have to bother converting every bet or ever price from BUX into your own currency.‌‌


We enhanced the displayed statistics on the casino to give our users more insight towards the website, their own bets & wins, but also to showcase how and what other users are playing. A complete, advanced betting table is available for you to check at any time.‌‌ Exciting new tournaments & events held by us in the future will be another highlight of the website that we can't wait to show you very soon!‌‌


Telegram will be available soon™️. ‌‌Be part of our community on our exclusive Telegram channel, and receive the latest updates, news and insights directly to your phone in short and quick messages.

A better system for notifications will also be ready, making sure you will not miss important information from the website or our P2P-Shop. Being part of the 500-Community has never been easier and more reliable.‌‌

‌Last but not least, it's worth noting that this visual update might not seem like a lot on the surface, but behind the scenes there is massive improvement and this sets the ground work for better, nicer features in the future. We have nice plans going forward.           ‌

This is our love letter to the old times of 2016, but with a more modern and refined approach. A multitude of games, under the cover of just one website, with the goal to give you the best experience possible.‌‌ As you can see, we put all of our effort and heart into this update and we would like you to continue our journey with us, or just welcome you to our community if you are new around here.

Thanks for playing,‌‌

The 500-Team ❤️