It became a tradition at this point that we would have a special event on each of the two most important holidays of the year. This is our 5th voucher Scavenger Hunt and we're hoping it would be the biggest and best one yet.

What is it and how does it work?
Snowflakes of various rarities will appear throughout our website, randomly, on all pages. They can be anywhere. Users will compete against each other in whoever finds them the fastest. Whenever a Snowflake is found, a sound will play.

Snowflakes can contain:

  • Vouchers of different values
  • Encrypted Special Vouchers
  • Extra Raffle Tickets
  • Shards
  • Life experience
One special Snowflake

What are Vouchers and how do they work?
Vouchers are essentially unique codes that have a specific prize attached to them. Once you claim a voucher, the prize is added to your main balance.

You can claim a voucher in the top right of the Deposit page, by clicking the gift icon in the header or directly in the pop-up box that appears when you click Snowflakes.

Vouchers are specifically generated for your account. This means that once you find a voucher, you won't be able to share it with your friends and you have to claim it yourself.

What are Encrypted Special Vouchers?
These are vouchers that start encrypted at the beginning of the event. As people start receiving them in snowflakes, they will get progressively easier to decipher. They can be combined in various ways for more balance prizes.

Can you find the correct combinations? There are probably more than you expect.

What are Raffle Tickets?
Complementary to our Scavenger Hunt Event, we are hosting a $60,000 raffle on December 20th, with the biggest prize being a $20,000 2021 Hyundai Veloster.

Raffle tickets were earnable starting early November by playing in our game modes. You are now given the opportunity to increase your raffle tickets by finding more of them inside the snowflakes.

Stay tuned for our Raffle draw on the live stream for more surprises.

What are Shards?
Inside every snowflake there is a chance that a random number of Shards will drop. Collect as many as you can. You will be able to exchange them for BUX prizes at a later time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this work on Mobile devices or other browsers?
    Yes. Although you're at a disadvantage trying to participate on your phone, Snowflakes will be served on mobiles, Safari, Edge, etc.
  • Are there any requirements to claim vouchers?
    Your account must be in good standing with 500 Casino. This means banned accounts, Rewards locked accounts, or accounts that are in self exclusion are not able to participate. Additionally, your account must have at least one previous deposit made in its lifespan.
  • How many vouchers are there and what are their values?
    There are 50 Snowflake vouchers and 10 Encrypted vouchers. The values of a voucher can range from 250 BUX ($0.15) to 1M BUX ($600).
  • Is there an XP bonus?
    Yes. When claiming a Snowflake voucher, we will also take into account the XP you earned in the previous 30 days and make its value bigger. This means that if you've been an active player on 500 Casino, you will get rewarded more. The difference can be significant, up to 3 times more than the base value.
    The formula behind these calculations will remain undisclosed and will vary from voucher to voucher.
  • How long will the event last?
    We expect the event to last 3-4 hours until all the available vouchers will be depleted. This year we're going with a more dynamic approach to voucher delivery, where the snowflakes are progressively adjusting themselves over the whole duration of the event. We will be constantly keep an eye on everything and intervene if necessary.
  • Are all Snowflakes the same?
    No. Snowflakes will be colored differently based on their rarity. More rare snowflakes drop less often, but have a higher chance of dropping a better voucher. More common snowflakes drop more often and have a higher chance of dropping common vouchers.
  • Can I exchange my Raffle Tickets for BUX?
    Most likely yes. Keep an eye out for more information during the Raffle draw stream.
  • Is everything going to burn?
    No. We've taken precautionary measures that everything will function as it should. Furthermore, we're trying to simulate a ton of data in the week previous to the event, just to make sure the servers can handle it. Keep an eye out on Twitter for up to date news.
  • Previous events were much better, is 500 going to die?
    Just because previous events earned you more money, there is no guarantee that this event will be the same. Keep in mind that you are competing against thousands and thousands of other players and in the end everything is based on randomness, speed and pure luck. A lot of effort and the time of many people went into making this possible.

I will continue to expand this list of frequently asked questions. If you have anything specific you would like to know, tag me on Twitter or contact our Live Support.

Good luck, have fun and thanks for playing!